Tuna Has a New Spin!

One thing I LOVE to have is a tuna sandwich. A tuna sandwich is the only sandwich I will eat. I don't like sandwiches, but tuna sandwiches have nostalgia tied to them. My mom would always make them for me growing up. I would sit at the kitchen table with her, both of us eating them, and she would watch her soap operas(One Life To Live, General Hospital, and All My Children). Usually the window was up and I was more focused on what was going on outside. Mom studeied her soaps at lunch time--don't mess with mom and her soaps.

So today I was thinking of what I could make for my lunch. I knew I had tuna, but didn't feel like making a sandwich. Not in a sandwich mood I guess. I had celery, carrots, apples, grape tomatoes and saracha sauce, though! I grabbed my skillet and all my fixin's and got to work. Here's my recipe for warm tuna hash:

1 pouch of tuna in water

3 ribs of celery(chopped)

2 small carrots(chopped)

1 garlic clove(minced or use a microplane)

1 apple, cut the "cheeks" off and cut into little cubes(green, but any apple will do!)

a handful or so of grape tomatoes

Worcestershire sauce(I hope I spelled that right!)

saracha sauce

fried lo mein noodles to top, if ya want.

Heat grapeseed oil or olive oil in a pan. Add the celery and carrots first. Cook for about 5-10 minutes(until carrots aren't as hard but not mushy), add the garlic and cook for another 5 minutes. Add the pouch of tuna and the apple with the splash of Worcestershire sauce and cook for another 5 minutes or so. Lastly, add the tomatoes. Put into bowl, add a drizzle of the saracha sauce and top with the fried lo mein noodles.

Y'all, this is yummy! The tomoatoes burst in your mouth, adding that fruity, acidic taste the tuna needs. The apples cut through and add that zing. Don't forget to salt and pepper with each ingredient you put in. not too much, but by doing that, you build flavor up.

I'm glad I've been able to write more on here. I miss blogging, and as soon as I get into my cooking classes(hoping in the summer or fall next year!!) maybe I can share my recipes with you all. For the people that don't cook out there, maybe reading this very blog, you'll be learning just like me! We'll cook like a bunch of chefs all together!!

I hope you all enjoy this! Add your own variations, too. Maybe post your variations or comment your variations. Like walnuts or even orange zest and juice.

YAY for cooking!!!!


  • a butternut-squash hazelnut soup, with creme Fraiche and terragon. Doesn' t that just SOUND good?! I want it now!

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